Our Approach

Each individual has their own unique dreams, hopes and wishes. Only you can decide on the goals worth pursuing. At Careers Reinvented Hong Kong, this is where we begin – with you.

Our humanistic approach starts with a thorough review of your career history up to the present. This is followed by an open, honest and direct conversation aimed at discovering your definition of career fulfillment.

We give you the opportunity to reflect on and discuss your personal goals with a non-judgmental expert of change who cares about and understands you beyond your workplace environment and immediate responsibilities.

Building on an individualised strategy and practical action steps, Careers Reinvented can help you reinvent yourself by creating the career – and life – of your dreams.

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Core Services

Career Advice, Guidance and Counselling

Clarify the confusion, identify the right direction for your career path, and discover what brings meaning to your work and life.

Development and Growth Strategy

Our bespoke career advice forms an effective and actionable strategy that explores and achieves your dream career.

Retained Executive and Board Search

Streamline the search for senior talent and avoid the costly, inefficient and frustrating process of recruitment with our extensive network of experienced and proven professionals.

Value-added Services

Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Résumé Editing / Advising 

Showcase your unique talents and abilities, and distinguish yourself from the crowd to forge your unique career path.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusiveness and diversity are integral to making a great organisation. We give advice on how you can create a caring and socially responsible culture by recruiting the best talent irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

Employment Mediation

Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) bring closure while saves on cost and time. We preserve your best interests, mediate disputes and work towards an acceptable outcome for all parties.

Interview Skills Training

Learn to express yourself confidently through the right tone of voice, eye contact and body language. Our interview skills training teaches you to tackle the most challenging questions fielded by everyone from recruiters through to CEOs in a measured and tactful manner.

Media Training

Communicate clearly, effectively and consistently with journalists. Learn to deliver impressive interviews and handle even the most demanding questions in day-to-day interactions and times of crisis.

Public Speaking Training 

Learn to deliver a speech confidently and effectively. From telling engaging stories to wielding the power of silence, learn how to captivate your audience and command the attention of a room.

Speech Writing

From the power of a great opening to weaving themes through your narrative, we will give you the tools to write engaging speeches that are certain to impress.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Work-related stress can significantly affect your mental and physical health. Our specialists offer a range of exercises and techniques ranging from meditation and sound therapy to taichi and yoga to deal with these issues.